exquisitephoto (exquisitephoto) wrote,

Print Competion Results - Best in Show!

Josephine-42-Edit-2-Edit-3-Edit webIt’s been a few months since I’ve posted to this blog – yesterday was a big day! It was the annual print competition for the Austin Professional Photographers Association. This print competition is different than the monthly print competitions. For this competition, highly-trained judges are brought in to anonymously score prints. Over 70 prints were entered and I entered four of mine. At the end of the day, I received a “Judge’s Choice” award as well as “Best in Show”! I am really ecstatic! After scoring one of my prints, one of the judges, Elena Hernandez, asked to have it brought back out because she felt the other judges were not scoring it high enough. Wow! A Master Photographic Craftsman going to bat for me not knowing it was me! The funny moment was when she said she thought the print was “exquisite”! On top of the awards, two out of three of my other prints were scored high enough to merit if entered in the International Print Competition! I’m definitely on cloud nine right now! Special thanks to the amazing model in this image, Josephine McAdam, and Zoraima Pelaez who did the amazing hair and makeup. For the other prints that scored merit, thanks go to Sarah Pruitt for modeling for then pinup image with the wig, wardrobe and makeup styling by Allison Lowery on this print as well as the amazing model, Keli Jasso, who believed in me enough to allow me to photograph during her maternity. Thank you all!

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