exquisitephoto (exquisitephoto) wrote,

Portrait Photography Summer Style

Austin Texas Portrait Photographer Tim Babiak

As the weather warms up, people want their portrait photography done outside and Rachel was no different.  She came to me for a session and wanted some time in the studio and time on location.  When she showed me the outfits she brought, I knew immediately which ones would work for the types of shots she wanted.  She wasn't too crazy about her bright, polka dot outfit but I knew it would be perfect for shooting by the lake.  After shooting in the studio, we headed to the lake but Rachel had forgotten her earrings and other accessories.  While Rachel was disappointed, I was glad because I knew the absence of accessories would work better in the image to avoid overstyling - the dress would say enough.  It didn't take long to get the shot I wanted - Rachel relaxed and posed like a pro.

I kept the lighting simple for this session so I could run and gun.  It's just an on-camera speedlight balanced with the ambient to knock down the ambient and lift Rachel to the forefront of the image.  Fun stuff!



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