exquisitephoto (exquisitephoto) wrote,

Does Having Haters Mean You've Made It?

Today, I got an odd message over on ModelMayhem.  Another photographer I didn't know named Jason Harper wrote to tell me that a second photographer I didn't know, Kenneth Man, was tearing apart my work and sent me this link.  In the link, Mr. Man shows a variety of images in an effort to show that the associated photographers don't know what they're doing.  His point is that white backgrounds should render at 255 when you use the threshold command in Photoshop.  He posted an image of mine then used the threshold to show that "the background of this photo is not white at all."  Unfortunately, Mr. Man has it wrong.  It's widely accepted that a background doesn't need to be 255 to be white - values with no color bias above 245 render as white.  In fact, I've worked with commercial photographers that don't want to have values above 245!

All in all, this was an odd event for me.  The image Mr. Man chose to criticize is one that I've received many compliments on.  For the life of me, I just couldn't figure why this guy picked my stuff to criticize.  Then it occurred to me.  He must have a high opinion of me.  Ironic, isn't it?

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