exquisitephoto (exquisitephoto) wrote,

Believe in Yourself

Austin Texas People Photographer Tim Babiak

I wish I could learn to believe in myself more - I guess we all do.  I'll get an idea for an image but I'll immediately think, "nah, that's dumb!" 

Such was the case with Eleya.  Eleya was one of the first models I worked with and she believed in my skills more than I did.  The first time I shot with her, I asked her if she had any ideas she wanted to try and she sent me to a list of about 100 photos that she wanted to copy.  At that time, I was terrified to try to copy a photo.  And here was this gorgeous model who was asking me to do just that.  Well, that first shoot went pretty well, I guess, because Eleya got back in touch with me to do a shoot for a new magazine.  Gulp!  A magazine?  I had barely shot for a year and this model was going to drive 100 miles to shoot with me and bring people from a magazine with her to video the shoot?  Okay, now I was petrified.  I had some angel wings and I knew Eleya wanted to shoot with them so we came up with some ideas for the shoot.  While the magazine editors were there, I hesitated to reveal my idea.  I figured it would be..."dumb".

Well, the magazine people had to run before the shoot was over so I knew I had my chance.  We shot the image above and later showed the images to the magazine people.  They saw this shot and went crazy!  They said they had wished they stayed so they could video the shooting of this image!

Then, they used it as they're cover shot.  Holy cow.

Believe in yourself - you never know what might happen.

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