June 1st, 2012

Every Women Needs to Know She's Beautiful

I had a headshot session for a realtor today.  The client was a referral from another realtor I had shot.  When we talked on the phone, I stressed the need for professional makeup and hairstyling so she agreed to use Anna Fugate of Anna Lani Makeup.  We discussed wardrobe and the flow of the session to set her expectations.

Then she told me something that really sticks.....in.....my.....craw.  She told me she wasn't photogenic.  I can't remember her words exactly but she was trying to tell me that she simply wasn't attractive. 

I.  Can't.  Stand.  This.

It's not that I'm annoyed.  It's that my empathy button is pushed to the max.  Being beautiful is at the core of every woman.  It's not just that a woman should hear someone say she's beautiful - every woman needs to know she's beautiful.  When I say "know", I mean "know".  So, when a client tells me she's not beautiful - in whatever roundabout way - I take that as a personal challenge to change. 

So the session was today.  The client was under the weather and running late.  Anna Fugate's work was flawless as always - clean and commercial - the kind of hair and makeup that's transparent.  The client loved her work and we quickly knocked out her business headshot.  She brought a few extra tops so we quickly knocked out a few more looks. 

She then asked about a little white dress she brought.  I knew exactly how I wanted to shoot her wearing it and I knew it was the kind of dress she loved and she'd look great in.  So, I set things up and shot her.  Then, she asked if she could try a few frames not smiling - of course, it was perfect.  Then, we got THE frame.

She was shocked!  There's no doubt she's beautiful - now she knows it!

Austin Texas Portrait Photographer Tim Babiak