December 20th, 2011

Photos CAN Make a Real Difference

With the abundance of digital photography, photos of everything and everybody are just about everywhere. Everyone is a photographer and just about everyone has had their photo taken. It used to be that photos were always printed. Today, digital photography allows us to share photos more easily and in a more timely manner. Photos make the world a smaller place and allow us to maintain relationships.

But sometimes a photo can have a dramatic impact on a person's life.

Let me tell you a story about a recent shoot. As a portrait photographer, it's important to get to know your subjects so you can try to capture more about them in the image. In a recent shoot, my subject was a lovely young woman who had some success in modeling but had not yet reached the level of her goals. She told me about how her mom had, too, been a model and how their relationship had recently become strained. Due to a turn of events that is typical between early 20-something women and their mothers, the two had stopped talking and the young woman I was shooting was devastated by the silence. My subject longed to show her mom she had real potential as a model.

Then, during this shoot somehow, by either luck or skill, I got "the shot". If you're not a photographer, this statement may have no meaning to you. For photographers, we know all of the technical things that we need to do to get a great shot but there's always something beyond the technicalities. Sometimes everything comes together with a little bit of magic and we get "the shot". The amazing thing about this particular shot was it was "done". It didn't need Photoshop or retouching. It was just perfect as it was shot.

I printed this image large and had it framed. I used a top photo lab to do the printing and had it framed in a top-quality frame. The print was absolutely gorgeous. When I presented it to my subject she cried. She knew what I was going for - the print wasn't for my subject; the print was for my subject to give to her mom.

This morning I received a wonderful email from her:

"I gave my mom the picture last night! Wow! She was taken back, speechless. She started crying! She is hanging it up in her room. She was so thankful and loved it! She told me how proud of me she is & we talked for an HOUR! It was great! She was telling me about her plans for the New Year & life!

Thank you so much Tim! You saved my Christmas this year & I am so thankful!"

This is why I'm a photographer.

Austin Texas Portrait Photographer Tim Babiak